El Pardo Campus, dependent of INTA-SGSN, is located in the facilities of the former “Canal de Experiencias Hidrodinámicas de El Pardo” (El Pardo model basin), created in 1928 by the Spanish Navy. INTA-SGSN has facilities and services dedicated to research and experimentation in the field of hydrodynamics, and offers its commercial services to companies, military and civil, mainly in the field of shipbuilding.

In July 2017, El Pardo Campus of INTA was recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO) as Singular Scientific and Technical Infrastructure (ICTS), under the name of “El Pardo Hydrodynamic Experiences Center” (CEHIPAR).

The work carried out contributes decisively to more cost-efficient running of vessels and their greater safety through optimization of hull resistance and propulsive efficiency as well as improving seaworthiness and reducing movements at sea. Studies into safety under extreme conditions are also carried out.

ICTS-CEHIPAR has responded to the ever greater industrial demands on it by building and rolling out new facilities and constantly renovating the existing ones. Its facilities are furnished with state-of-the-art instrumentation.

Its ongoing research and innovation activities in collaboration with universities, research institutes and companies from Spain and other countries have given ICTS-CEHIPAR the necessary expertise to act as a competent partner in developing science and services for new market strategies.

At present, its software and data bases, covering over 24 000 tests, and its experienced personnel, allow it to draw up designs, evaluations and simulations rapidly and reliably.


3D Basins

Ship Dynamics Laboratory

Calm Water Towing Tank

Cavitation Tunnel

Cavitation Tunnel

Field Facilities

Maneuverability in open lake

Numerical Tools - Numerical Hydrodynamics (CFD).