Created in 1987, the Laboratori d’Enginyeria Marítima at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (LIM-UPC) is a Specific Research Centre (Centre Específic de Recerca, CER) within the Department of Hydraulic, Maritime and Environmental Engineering at the Barcelona School of Civil Engineering. Its main goal is to generate and transfer knowledge and technology related to the fields of maritime engineering and marine science, linked with an active contribution to the development and training of highly qualified professionals and researchers within these fields.

The LIM-UPC is constituted by an excellence team of researchers from various scientific and technical disciplines and with solid professional backgrounds. The Laboratory is equipped with a sound infrastructure and scientific equipment and materials that allow it to carry out its projects efficiently, and to offer these facilities to other national or international institutions or organizations. The available equipment and expertise include numerical models, measuring devices for field campaigns and a large experimentation laboratory, amongst others. The LIM-UPC has a wide experience in the maritime field, which is based on a long list of projects in basic and applied research, collaboration agreements with private or public entities, and the transfer of results to wider societal groups.

The LIM-UPC also manages the iCIEM research infrastructure, which currently includes a large-scale wave and currents flume (CIEM - (Canal d’Investigació i Experimentació Marítima), a small-scale flume (CIEMito) and basin (LaBassa), a shelf observational network, two permanent coastal stations, and a numerical lab. iCIEM also provides an important instrumental and logistic pool containing a large number of tools and instruments of last generation.


3D Tanks
  • LaBassa
Wave Flumes
  • CIEM
  • CIEMito
Field Facilities
  • Observational Network
  • Pont del Petroli
Numerical Tools