NODO3 - CEHIPAR - Calm Water Towing Tank

The Calm Water Towing Tank is the facility where the hydrodynamic characteristics of ships and propellers without waves are studied.

Main characteristics:

  • Length: 320 m
  • Width: 12.5 m
  • Depth: 6.5
  • Towing carriage: Speeds up to 10 m/s, with a naximum acceleration 1 m/s². Control software that automatically establishes the velocity profile of the tests.
  • Equipment: Among the wide variety of instrumentation available the following equipment should be mentioned:
    • Towing dynamometer.
    • Propeller dynamometer.
    • Dynamometers for propulsion tests.
    • Six-component dynamometer.
    • Video cameras and recording equipment.
    • Particle Image Velocimeter (PIV).
  • It also has a digital data acquisition system which collects model test data automatically and a computer program for the analysis and presentation of results, specifically developed for this facility. The modernization of this facility continues.