NODO3 - CEHIPAR - Cavitation Tunnel

A cavitation tunnel is available at the INTA-CEHIPAR. Tests and research are performed with conventional, controllable pitch propeller, contra-rotating propellers, ducted propeller and all types of unconventional propellers as CLT, Tip rake. Test uniform or variable flows maybe performed with the possibility of inclination of the shaft line.

Main characteristics:

  • The tunnel is suitable for propeller models with a maximum diameter of 450 mm.
  • Maximum water speed is 11 m/s in the test section. Cavitation index may be varied from 0.32 to 130.
  • The wake field can be reproduced in the tunnel by mean of meshes as well as by introducing a dummy model in the test section. A CRP-POD propulsion system installed in a dummy model were tested at the cavitation tunnel for the TRIPOD research supported by EU.
  • Inception test are carried out in order to determine the type of cavitation as a relation of the advanced ratio with different cavitation numbers.
  • To carry out the measurements of the nominal and effective wakes distributions a Laser Doppler Anemometer is available with the possibility to distinguish two velocity components on disturbing the flow.
  • Erosion test are carried out to evaluated the damage due to cavitation in marine propellers.
  • Pressure pulses measurement tests may be carried out by using pressure transducers and Hottinger equipment to process the signal are used.