Located at the Scientific and Technological Park in Santander, Cantabria (PCTCAN), the CCOB is a combination of three integrated systems to be used in the applied research of coastal and offshore engineering; these being:

  • An experimental management system,
  • A numerical modelling system and
  • A physical modelling system.

The main goal of the physical modelling system is to carry out testing to measure hydrodynamic and wave-structure interaction processes, which can include the sediment transport effects, the effects of tsunamis and the wave-current and wave-wind interaction. With 44m width, 30m length and 4 m in depth, the CCOB is a facility designed to carry out large scale wave tests for coastal and offshore engineering. It features the latest technology for multidirectional waves, wind and current generation, all with a 6m adjustable pit, giving it an additional 8m of depth, and being capable to operate at many different water depths, from shallow to deep waters.