NODO4 - BIMEP - BiMEP Test site

BiMEP is an infrastructure for testing prototypes of ocean energy collectors and auxiliary equipment on the open sea. It is located off the coast at Armintza.

Operating since June 2015, BiMEP provides technology developers a site with suitable wave and wind resources for testing the technical and economic viability of different concept designs, offering security before advancing to the full-scale commercial phase.

Technical Characteristics

The Cantabrian Sea offers exceptional conditions for testing the effectiveness of new mechanisms and technologies for harnessing wind and wave energy

  • Four 13.2 kV/5MW subsea cables fitted with optic fibre.
  • Onshore substation fitted with 25 MVA 13.2/132 kV transformers.
  • Resource measurement using an oceanographic buoy and floating Lidar system.
  • Dry mate subsea connectors.
  • Possibility of feeding in low voltage power (690 V).
  • Area restricted to the shipping with perimeter beacons.

Topographical characteristics

Depths at the test site range from 50 to 90 metres. The sea bed is mostly sandy with rocky areas.