NODO 1c - CIEM/UPC - Pont del petroli

The Pont del Petroli field facility is an out-of-use pier, built in an open beach, which extends about 250 m into the sea, reaching a water depth of about 12 m, and is used socially as a promenade. This infrastructure is the first of its kind in the European Union, comparable worldwide to only a few other similar structures (e.g., HORS in Japan, and Duck in the USA), although these are used exclusively for scientific purposes.

The main goals of the project are to use the pier as a scientific platform to undertake studies related to climate change, alternative energies, coastal dynamics, etc., to provide the general public with real-time information on the environmental conditions in the area (water and air temperature, solar radiation, sea state – waves and currents-, water quality, etc.), and provide a new environmental educational tool. For this, the pier has been fitted permanently with a meteorological station, currentmeter, directional wave radar system and sensors for water temperature and conductivity; this equipment is supplemented by additional scientific gear when carrying out extensive project-related campaigns.

Node: iCiem

Localization: LIM/UPC