NODO 1a - CIEM/UPC - CIEM - Canal d’Investigació i Experimentació Marítima Large Scale

The CIEM is a large scale wave flume oriented to simulate harbour, coastal and oceanographic engineering together with maritime and environmental processes. It is a recognized Large Scale Facility by the DG Research of the European Comission since 2006, being the first of its kind in Europe and only comparable to another wave flume in Japan. The combination of wave and current generation makes this infrastructure particularly relevant for controlled hydraulic experiments in coastal, harbour and oceanographic engineering, as well as in other fields such as aquaculture and wave-energy installations. Additionally, the CIEM wave flume is designed to work both with fixed or mobile bed with lateral crystal windows to visualize the phenomenon occurring in the vicinity of the bed. Usually working scales range between 1:2 to 1:20.

Main characteristics:

  • Length: 100m
  • Width: 3m
  • Maximum height: 7m
  • Minimum height: 0.5m
  • Wave generator: wedge-type wave paddle particularly suited for intermediate depth waves. Wave heights up to 0.9m with SWL of 2.65m and a period of around 4 seconds. Generation of regular and irregular waves both parametric or used-defined spectra, as well as actually measured time series. The system is hydraulically actuated and PC-controlled.
  • Current generator: bidirectional system with a maximum capacity of 2 m3/s.

Node: iCiem

Localization: LIM/UPC