NODO 1a - CIEM/UPC - CIEMito Wave Flume - Canal d’Investigació i Experimentació Marítima small scale

The CIEMito is a 2DV small scale wave-and-current flume designed to maximize the typology test variability while minimizing costs, without affecting the quality of the results. The CIEMito flume is a scaled reproduction of the CIEM in crystal walls allowing the mobile bed conditions and the reproduction of breakwater and coastal conditions.

Main characteristics:

  • Length: 18m
  • Width: 0.4m
  • Height: 0.6m
  • Maximum water height: 0.36m
  • Wave generator: piston-type board, whose motion is provided by a linear actuator 1m maximum stroke and speed of response 1.6m/s. The maximum theoretical capacity to a depth of 0.36m corresponds to a wave period and 1.7s of 0.28m in height. Generation software used has been developed at LIM/UPC and allows the generation of regular and irregular waves and time series reproduction.
  • Current generator: bidirectional system with a maximum capacity of 8l/s

Node: iCiem

Localization: LIM/UPC