NODO 2a - IHCantabria - CoCoTsu / GTIM-TSU

The wave-current-tsunami flume is a state-of-the-art sophisticated facility designed for running middle- and large-scale tests of coastal protection structures, floating structures, mobile bed studies, wave-current and wave-structure interaction studies, among others.

Main characteristics:

  • Length: 58m
  • Width: 2m
  • Height: from 1.8m to 2.5m
  • Wave generation: System based on a piston-type blade, capable of generating waves of up to 0.8 m, stroke length up to 2 m with active uptake reflected wave system
  • Current generator: Reversible water current generation system, able to generate flows of 1000 litres per second, located below the wave generator to minimize their effect on the generated waves

Node: CCOB

Localization: IH-CANTABRIA